Ange Palmer
~ clinical medical herbalist ~

Comprehensive natural health support in Nelson city area via house calls only, rural Tasman, and online internationally

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The healing power of herbs

I am a qualified Clinical Medical Herbalist with two decades of experience. Having worked with hundreds of clients I have developed a supportive approach to natural health care which gets results.

Ange Palmer - Natural Health Approach

The natural health approach

If you are feeling tired, rundown, stressed or even a little depressed, then natural health care can make a huge difference to how you feel in as little as two weeks.

Symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, low moods,  bloating or frequent infections can tell us that  body and mind are out of balance. Whilst there may be quick fixes at the pharmacy for these ailments, these are unlikely to address the underlying foundation where the problems are stemming from.

My job is to identify the deeper layers involved and to support you in making the changes needed to address these.

My areas of specific interest include

Energy & Vitality

Women's Health

Gut Health

Why choose me?

We are currently living in the age of information overload via social media, blogs, advertising and websites. You may feel overwhelmed by this especially if you have been trying to address your health concerns through your own research.

I invite you to experience the simplicity of working with me, a qualified natural health professional, allowing me to diagnose and treat you based on clinical signs and symptoms, and through listening to, and interpreting, your story.

What I offer is unique, because no one else is quite like me. Or you. And recognising that is important.

Beware of internet health programs promising eternal health and happiness; you may be disappointed.

I guarantee that you will receive my undivided attention and service, and that I will work hard
alongside you to navigate your way to better health.

If you feel that you are not satisfied after your first consultation, I will refund your fee, no questions asked.

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