Natural Fertility

There is so much scope for us to widen our approach to conception. Infertility is not a disease but a condition which can be caused by a myriad of factors – nutrition, stress, allergies, infections, hormone imbalance and toxicity among other things. The quality and condition of the sperm is just as important as that of the ova (egg) therefore it is always crucial to work with both partners in this area.  A program devised by Francesca Naish, founder of the Jocelyn Centre for Natural Fertility Management (NFM) and Holistic Health in Sydney can profoundly improve the chances of a successful conception, pregnancy, birth and baby. I trained with Naish as a NFM Counsellor in 2002.

Natural Women's Health

The NFM program is safe and empowering and offers an increased chance of success even if other forms of fertility treatment are being employed.

A comprehensive holistic preconception health care program can result in a reduction in miscarriage, and an improved success rate with unexplained infertility.

Naish points out the irony in the fact that our increasing failure to reproduce naturally is not being addressed by concern with health and environment but by more drugs and interference. IVF is a transport system which brings egg and sperm together but transport is not always the problem!

NFM provides the chance to address fertility problems with a hands-on role with absolutely no danger to health.

A free 30-minute session is offered to discuss this program.