Ashtanga yoga is dynamic and flowing, combining movement with breath…

I am currently having a break from teaching public sessions. Private sessions ongoing by request.

I teach at Wellness Movement, Level 1, Cnr Trafalgar St and New St, (entrance on New St)
Nelson. I offer group or private sessions to assist you to come to understand the basic principles of a yoga practice, and give you calm, clear guidance and support to learn to integrate yoga into your life. Currently I am only offering private sessions.

Since 2007 I have had a committed Ashtanga yoga practice but I started out with Iyengar yoga many years prior to that. Through yoga I have found a foundational strength in my life that gives me courage, clarity and vibrant health.

Ashtanga yoga is unique in that it combines a sequence of flowing movements with focused awareness of the breath,  known as vinyasa. Through regular yoga practice we can move towards the natural development of our physical, emotional and inner selves. Core strength is a key outcome.

I am inspired by some wonderful teachers including Rod Watson, Jake Barr and Graeme Northfield. With deep gratitude I have completed a three year, 2000 hour Compassionate Practitioner training program with senior teacher Dena Kingsberg of Byron Bay, Australia. I love the joy that infuses me through yoga and have been enjoying sharing that through my yoga teaching.

“Ange is a thoughtful, passionate and experienced yoga practitioner. I have full confidence in her guidance and appreciate the adjustments she made on my poses.” Nadia Dysart – dancer and yoga enthusiast

“When we keep this larger purpose in mind, the simplest physical practice becomes richly imbued with meaning. We can take great delight in opening the fingers of our hand, in feeling the soles of our feet on the ground, or in the sensation of lightness that comes when we stand erect. Then the body becomes a sacred sanctuary in which that which is worshiped,
the worshiper, and the place of worship merge into one”

– Donna Farhi, from her book Bringing Yoga To Life

CalfOptIn 2011 I spent time in Southern India studying  yoga but the predominant experience of my time there was falling deeply in love…with cows (also very good yoga teachers!)

yoga infographic