Natural Fertility Management

Fertility – Not Futile!

There is so much scope for us to widen our approach to infertility. Infertility is not a disease but a condition which can be caused by a myriad of factors – nutrition, stress, allergies, infections, hormone imbalance and toxicity among other things. The quality and condition of the sperm is just as important as that of the ova therefore it is always crucial to work with BOTH partners in this area.  A program devised by Francesca Naish, founder of the Jocelyn Centre for Natural Fertility Management (NFM) and Holistic Health in Sydney can profoundly improve the chances of a  successful conception, pregnancy, birth and baby. Ange has trained with Naish as a Natural Fertility Management Counsellor.

“Letting you know that Dan and I have been successful in conceiving a healthy and very active little bubba.  We are at the 21 week stage so are feeling pretty relaxed and extremely excited about welcoming this beautiful little gift into the world.  I really just want to say a very special thank you for helping me get my body and mind on track, I wholeheartedly believe that without your thoughtful guidance and special tonics my body would not have been in the condition necessary for preparing for the demands of a successful pregnancy.” Jo Martin, Nelson


The program  is safe and empowering and in most cases of infertility offers a chance of success equal to any other form of treatment involving drugs and/or surgery. Studies by Foresight, the British Association for the Promotion of Preconceptual Care, give an over ten-fold reduction in miscarriage, and an over 80% success rate with unexplained infertility when a comprehensive holistic preconception health program is followed.

HuggersOpt Naish points out the irony in the fact that our increasing failure to reproduce naturally is not being addressed by concern with health and environment but by more drugs and interference. IVF is a transport system which brings egg and sperm together but transport is not always the problem!

NFM provides the chance to address fertility problems  with a hands on role with absolutely no danger to health.

A free 30 minute session is offered to discuss this program.

“I was fortunate enough to meet Angela while doing some work for one of her previous employers.  She discussed briefly and discreetly how she could help us pursue a natural path to pregnancy.  I was delighted as IVF seemed to becoming the ‘norm’ and we had already decided that our desire to have children should not outweigh the health of our child.

Angela was always very flexible and accommodating to our busy schedules for appointments and supplement drop offs.  Initially we were quite shocked with the cost and the quantity of the supplements we needed to take. We felt at ease talking to Angela so decided take the plunge and give it “a few months”.

For us there was a few lifestyle changes we needed to make, like cutting caffeine and sugar.  It was great having Angela look at our fertility as a whole picture not just me individually and was reassuring to have her support us along the way.  Well after a few months of following Angela’s advice (strictly) I finally fell pregnant after four years of trying.  My son Elliot was born healthy and strong.  I know it was all down to Angela’s knowledge and expertise.   Thank you seems too small a word.…”

Janine and Alan Atkins