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You are in the right place! So many people want to take control of their health and really get to the bottom of their imbalances. Its not easy! Support is good! Its takes time!

Over many years of working in clinical practice and also managing health shops I have seen many people reach for random products on the shelf because their ‘friend said it worked’ or they ‘read about it on the internet’.  So often in these cases I would say to the customer that I believed their money would be better spent consulting a qualified practitioner who can advise on the following important aspects of product choices :

Diagnosis – do you understand what you are trying to treat and know that this is the best option to try?
Quality – is this product likely to have the efficacy you need? Is it produced by a quality manufacturer?
Dose – do you know how much you should be taking? It is important to understand the difference between a maintenance dose and a therapeutic dose.

Allow me to help you with this!DSCN3423

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