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Herbal Medicine - Nutrition - Yoga - Natural Fertility Management Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. Your soul sees through these eyes alone and if they are dim then the whole world is clouded. Goethe 1749-1832


"I have been seeing Ange as my medical herbalist for 12 months now and when I first went to her I had chronic endometriosis to the point where my life was almost overwhelmed by pain and symptoms.  Ange at the outset said she would need 6 months to bring about some change via the tonics and changes to my diet that she prescribed.  I followed her guidance and 7 months down the track my periods had changed from horrific and overwhelming to manageable and far far far less painful.  I have so much respect for Ange and what she does and how she conducts her business and I am learning better dietary options too through her.  Anyone with health issues would be wise to see this gem of a woman.  She has changed my life in less than a year in a way that the conventional health system did not in 20."  T. 


"I approached Ange with the desire to achieve hormonal balance, regulate my cycle and develop a pre-conception nutritional program.  Ange’s approach is very holistic, she has incredible knowledge and a truly empathetic, genuine and compassionate style. This was my first experience with herbs and have found them highly effective in regulating my cycle and over a short period of time.  I feel truly assured I am doing the best that I can on Ange’s programme. " RM